Slide Door Latch Compact

ModelAluminum die-cast
DescriptionFor an easy and secure latching and locking of sliding doors and flaps, no mechanical preparation needed for the assembly; safe against disassembling in the locked position
MaterialAluminum die-cast
SurfaceBlack powder coated
FasteningFrom the front, using M6 socket head or pan head screws
Pack Quantity1 piece
Tip* Universal: one key fits all slam latches,
Unique: each slam latch has a different key;
Compatible emergency opener for slam latch with safety catch see 0957409S02, additional inside mounted handle recommended
Slide Door Latch Compact 2D
Slide Door Latch Compact 3D
Slide Door Latch Compact APP
Slide Door Latch CompactLockWeight [g]Part #Download STEP File
Universal*246.00957415Download 0957415.step
Unique*246.00957416Download 0957416.step
Without216.00957417Download 0957417.step
Slide Door Latch Compact COMIC