Bridge Handle B

ModelPlastic PA, 120 and 160 mm
DescriptionTo mount on doors, flaps and aluminum profiles
MaterialPlastic PA, glass fiber reinforced
ColorBlack, yellow, red, blue
FasteningFrom the front with hexagon cap screws or socket head screws, or from the back using M8 hexagon nuts and bolts
Pack Quantity10 pieces
SpecialsOther colors on request
Bridge Handle B 2D
Bridge Handle B 3D
Bridge Handle B APP
Bridge Handle BColors
for ScrewD [mm]SWa [mm]A [mm]
B [mm]
H [mm]Weight [g]Part #Download STEP File
120.0BlackM55.38.5135.0120. 092012.step
188.0160. 092017.step
160.0Yellow ≈ RAL 1018M88.514.0
188.0160. 092017S02.step
160.0Blue ≈ RAL 5010M88.514.0
188.0160. 092017S03.step
160.0Red ≈ RAL 3020M88.514.0
188.0160. 092017S04.step
Cover cap 160Black21.4092018Download 092018.step
Cover cap 160Yellow ≈ RAL 101821.4092018S02Download 092018S02.step
Cover cap 160Blue ≈ RAL 501021.4092018S03Download 092018S03.step
Cover cap 160Red ≈ RAL 302021.4092018S04Download 092018S04.step
Cover cap 120Black
5.7092019Download 092019.step